Foro Vermouth


Foro Vermouths are produced in Italy’s prestigious Piemonte region according to the rigorous standards established for Vermouth di Torino, the most respected and revered designation for vermouth.

Vermouth di Torino became a geographical denomination in 1991. The Vermouth di Torino Institute drafted regulations governing the production of this special type of vermouth that would become Law 1826. Today, Vermouth di Torino is recognized as one of Piemonte’s finest quality exports.

Vermouth di Torino is a special classification of Vermouth that must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be produced and bottled in Piemonte.
  • The base wines must be 100% Italian.
  • The main flavoring must come from Artemisia grown in Piemonte, with additional herbs and spices allowed.
  • Alcohol by volume must be between 16% and 22%.