Foro Vermouth

The Producer


Born in Piemonte and an expert in the traditions of this area, Giuseppe Bellotti boasts a long career in the wine and spirits sector. He honed his craft with a local winery where he worked diligently to develop his base knowledge. As his career progressed he worked in Italy on prestigious spirits, and eventually he joined the parent company of Terre Dei Solari S.p.A as senior management. Giuseppe led the development of Foro Vermouths.


A native of Piemonte, Valter Facello studied Enology at the Enological School of Alba. As Terre Dei Solari’s Enonolgist, Valter has a deep understanding of Vermouth that comes from over 20 years of experience with this product. He suggests that the main ingredient to make a good Vermouth – aside from Artemisia – is passion. This is what truly distinguishes him and his team from others in the field.

The Winemaker